As the wider public and commercial interest in helping the environment continues to grow, there is a growing demand for more environmentally-friendly cleaning products and biological cleaning products in particular– but how many of us truly understand what they are?

What is biological cleaning?
Biological cleaning products are generally considered to be products that use good bacteria and the enzymes they produce as cleaning agents. These friendly bacteria can also produce other actives including acids, polymers and other cleaning agents.

How the actual process works in practise, the different dirt sources, such as fats, oils, food debris, body fat and body waste are a good source of food for the bacteria, which once removed and digested produce’s natural enzymes to help them break down the waste, creating its own biofilm to continue to protect and clean for up to 80 hours thanks to residual cleaning. This process can be likened to humans producing saliva to help us breakdown and digest our food. .

As a company that has a rich heritage in the use of chemical products, we long ago recognised the value of biological products, which we have used for more than a decade, we are embracing new developments in the field of biotechnology, which now allow us to offer a far broader array of biological products to you from our new innovative Biovation range.

BioVation – Changing the way the world cleans one trigger at a time…


  • Safe for you, your team, the public and the environment
  • Super concentrated means reduced deliveries and associated waste costs
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduced COSHH Administration
  • True Multi-Purpose cleaning
  • Neutral PH products