“BioVation is proud to partner with Considerate Hoteliers”


Considerate Hoteliers specialist team helps hospitality businesses to enhance the viability of their companies, protect the environment and enrich stakeholder relationships. Considerate Hoteliers does this by offering three solutions to hotels, restaurants, venues and destinations, globally: membership, Con-Serve™ and CSR advisory services.

Membership recognises commitment to responsible business practices across all areas of operations. Members benefit from a host of templates and toolkits that can help them to communicate their CSR initiatives. Considerate Hoteliers also has a limited number of supplier members, such as BioVation, that offer to environmentally responsible products and share Considerate Hoteliers values.

The Con-Serve™ data management system, is enabled by a dynamic technology platform that has been tailored to capture data that is material to the hospitality industry, including electricity, heat, water, waste, travel and laundry, which can be correlated to occupancy and food covers. Con-Serve™ can be used across single or multi-site operations. Con-Serve™ users can reduce operating costs, identify inefficiencies and win more RFP’s by providing robust sustainability data.

Advisory services include bespoke workshops, development of CSR strategies, resource management plans, support with environmental reporting and procurement policies Considerate Hoteliers bespoke workshops equip both business leaders and employees with the tools to implement real change and reach important targets.

“Considerate Hoteliers is proud to have BioVation onboard with us a supplier member.  Not only will our members and clients be able to improve cleanliness at their properties by switching to natural biological bioactive products instead of harsh chemicals, they can also reduce their carbon footprint and save on associated waste costs.” – Benedetta Cassinelli, Partner/Business Development Director