Kitchen and Dishwash Overview

Biovation’s biological, bioactive product range are perfect for the kitchen sector. Designed, formulated and marketed to ensure we have the best technology, support and material available for your kitchen and dish cleaning, sterilising and grease removal and treatment.

Biovation have made the selection of products easy with our Kitchen & Dishwash tailored range.  Utilising bioactive multipurpose cleaners, future technology allowing super concentrated dish wash solutions and advanced sterilising tablet technology.

By selecting the tailored Biovation range you will not only be able to have the full range with the benefit of knowing that no additional products are needed or required; but also utilise the sector materials available through Biovation including: Sector training videos, sector wall charts, and sector ordering through our mobile application!

The complete package from Biovation…….

  • Simple training requirements
  • Safe For your clients
  • Safe For your staff
  • Safe For your building


Full biological bioactive degreaser designed specifically for quickly removing fats, soils and grease from kitchen and restaurant surfaces. BioGrasp will actively help to improve your floors slip resistance thanks to the Biofilm left behind.

Biowash 1

Auto Dish Wash & Auto Glass Wash Machines. Utilising the full benefits of hard and soft chemistry, BIOWASH 1 is specifically designed to be used at super concentrated levels and be versatile enough to use within auto-dish washers and auto-glass washers whilst actively reducing the need for descale.

Biowash 2

Rinse Aid For Auto Dish & Glass Wash Machines This super concentrated Rinse Aid gives your glasses and crockery a gleaming shine and finish at super concentrated levels. Thanks to the advanced technologies BIOWASH 2 can be used within an auto-dishwasher and auto-glass washer

Biowash 3

Manual Washing Detergent. BIOWASH 3 is a super concentrated highly active washing detergent for manual pot, glass and crockery washing. Utilising hard and soft chemistry BIOWASH 3 is soft on your hands and environment although has the power to remove stubborn burnt on grease and grime.

Biowash 4

Manual Pot Soak Detergent. BIOWASH 4 utilises the most advanced technologies in hard and soft chemistry to ensure your pot soaking procedures and deep cleaning soaking tasks are completed with ease. BIOWASH 4 is extremely effective in removing all food related staining and carbon deposits from pots and pans.


Biotrap is a concentrated full bioactive biotechnology product that digests and eliminates greasy build-up and other organic residue in grease traps. It can also be used for removing grease and fat deposits from your pipe and drains. BIOTRAP should be used with an auto dosing unit

Steridose 200

Steridose 200 Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are recommended around the world as the safer, more effective, economic and convenient disinfectant.


Heavy Duty ready to use gel oven cleaner. Powerful and fast acting specifically designed to remove carbon deposits and grease from all ovens and cookers.