Hospitality Overview

Biovations biological, bioactive product range are perfect for the hospitality sector. Designed, formulated and marketed to ensure we have the best technology, support and material available for your hospitality cleaning, sterilising and deodorising requirements!

Biovation have made the selection of products easy with our hospitality tailored range.  Utilising bioactive multipurpose cleaners, future technology sterilisers and full biological odour destroyers we have ensured that every cleaning task within hospitality has been covered by this sector.

By selecting the tailored Biovation range you will not only be able to have the full range with the benefit of knowing that no additional products are needed or required; but also utilise the sector materials available through Biovation including: Sector training videos, sector wall charts, and sector ordering through our mobile application!

  • Simple training requirements
  • Safe For your clients
  • Safe For your staff
  • Safe For your building
  • Tailored solutions


Biocleanse is a biotechnology based cleaner and descaler that removes soap scum and mineral deposits from a variety of surfaces. BioCleanse is 
ideal for cleaning showers, bathtubs, urinals, toilets, taps and stainless steel within rooms and wash areas.


Biological all in one carpet cleaner, spotter and deodoriser.
 Suitable for all carpet and upholstery types. Can be used within a extraction machine, bonnet buffing or hand cleaner via a trigger spray.


Full bioactive biological multi purpose cleaner suitable for all surfaces within the hotel, polished surfaces, glass and mirrors


You want to maintain an excellent standard of hygiene throughout your business, but what about the cups and glasses? Using Steridose will sanitise and sterilise to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.


Bioactive odour destroyer, ready to use highly perfumed odour treatment. Counteracts and digests foul odours from a variety of surfaces within the bedrooms and washrooms.